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Decal is an easy to use Content Management System for small to medium sized websites.

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For Developers

Hosted CMS

Content, files, databases, backups and maintenance are all taken care of. No server administration required.

Easy to Implement

Simply add attributes to your HTML to make it editable. No PHP knowledge required.

Highly Customisable

Bring your own code and make it editable. Easily create repeatable components, define available image sizes, custom styles and colours, all via your HTML and CSS.


Decal has an easy to use API. Create custom widgets in any language, hosted anywhere, to render content any way you like.

Update & Migrate

Easily apply code updates to an existing site. Migrate content between different versions of the same website.

For Users

On-page Editing

Edit content on the page as it appears. No abstract administration interface to learn.

Unlimited Pages & MenuS

Create as many pages as you need. Populate your site menus with freedom.

Private Pages

Keep pages private while drafting content, then make them public once approved. Or use private pages for restricted content.

Consistent Design

Easily customise your content without breaking the design. Retain visual consistency across all the pages on your website.

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Getting Started

Instructions for developers:

  1. Install the Fragmentify Chrome Extension: Click here to Download
  2. Download and extract the sample website templates:
    • Open the HTML files in Chrome and the Fragmentify extension will render the templates
    • Experiment creating additional pages and fragments
  3. Get familiar with the Decal Attributes that have been applied to the HTML to make it editable
    • Menu attributes: menu, repeat, active-class, ancestor-class and characters
    • Content editing attributes: area, scope, component, editable and tags
    • Manipulate template based on "logged in" status: editmode-only="true" and viewmode-only="true"
    • All other attributes such as base, merge, append, etc are specific to Fragmentify
  4. Create a Decal Manager account:
  5. Click Add Site and upload a ZIP file of your website templates
    • If you've made changes to the sample website templates, create a new ZIP file and upload it
    • Here's a handy bash alias that will replace an existing file:
      alias dzip='rm -f && zip -r * .htaccess -x *.*.swp* *.DS_Store*'
  6. Click Launch and start editing your site

Get Involved

As you can see, our documentation is a work in progress. If you have any questions or would like to get involved please don't hesitate to contact us.

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