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Development Roadmap

In Discussion

  1. Custom CSS classes for embedded objects
  2. Decal Manager – Add controls for reinitialising a site, re-rendering app widgets, etc
  3. Ability to add custom URL redirects via CMS


  1. Automated healthcheck and alerts
  2. Ability to edit meta tags of fixed pages
  3. Cross browser support for Decal UI
  4. Toolbar design update – Larger icons, easier to see and click

In Development

  1. Major infrastructure upgrade
    • 🔒 SSL (https://) for all domains
    • ✅ Full support for emoijs :D
    • Upgrade underpinning services:
      CentOS 9
      Apache 2.4
      MySQL 8
      PHP 8.1
      Python 3.9
      Django 4.1
    • Faster loading with HTTP/2
  2. Caching for "lazy loading" images and other assets using data-src or data-main attributes
  3. Better documentation for developers
  4. Template library


  1. Decal API performance improvements and minor bug fixes
  2. Retina image support – Render class attributes defined on sample images
  3. Decal Manager – Tag pluralisation now optional and disabled by default
  4. File manager thumbnail size increased to 400px wide
  5. Expunging of deactivated sites

We are also constantly working on bug fixes and making performance improvements behind the scenes, but there are too many changes to be listed here.

If you have a question, need help, or would like to request a feature, don't hesitate to get in touch:

CMS added image